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Signs & Promises

Signs & Promises is dedicated to the destroyed forest areas in my hometown Lindlar. "Signs & Promises" means signs of destruction (drought, destruction of forests, diminishing natural resources) and on the other hand "promises" as a kind of potential and possibility of rebirth and for us humans as bearers of hope to influence the world with our conscious behaviour. With Signs & Promises I want to draw attention and encourage people to think and act. I hope for a bright future in which we all pitch in together.

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This piece came out of an emotion of melancholy, old joy and nostalgia. It carries a restrained sadness and quiet pain to our youth and our growing up and their years. Wehmut means Wistfulness and is Roman Nagel’s most intimate piece and is full of emotion and intimacy. This piece progresses ceaselessly and does not give a single pause to rest. The goal is to reveal in one's own feelings.

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Aero allows you to let go and indulge in thoughts. It is floating and open but also profound. Let your thoughts float in weightlessness. While hearing Aero you feel peaceful and hopeful. This piece is energetic/energized and acute to what is happening in these days. When you feel scattered, Aero gives you your inner peace back. Just listen and take a break while getting back your positive emotions/energy.

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In Memory

Roman Nagel’s debut track “In Memory” from his upcoming EP Album “Late Bloomers” to be released on June 3rd. His first composition was created out of deep emotional emotion when the US African American George Floyd was tortured and murdered by the police on the street for a racist background. In Memory is dedicated to George Floyd and is a musical memorial against racism.

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This single is dedicated to my beloved and wonderful ex-girlfriend Mireya. She motivated me to write this track. Even though things went wrong back then, there is a bright gratitude in me when I remember our time. We should always cherish people we once loved.

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Streben nach Glück

The cheerful waltz-like piano piece "Streben nach Glück" ("Striving for Happiness") describes our journey in searching the meaning of life and existence. Every human being needs light and happiness in order to survive. We strive for this feeling of happiness in order to be able to grow personally, enrich our lives, to be able to give love and to come out of ourselves. Then we are able to develop ourselves into a complete free state of happiness. This piece is meant to help listeners to find themselves, to focus and to make themselves receptive to the supply of happiness.